Reuse your candle glass

We produce responsibly and in small batches. We strive to create elegant and minimalist products of high quality whose packaging can be reused.

The glass after our candle can be used as a container for toiletries or office trinkets, a vase, a tealights holder, or a pot for small flowers or succulents. However, if you have no idea what to do with the glass after the candle burns out, please send it to us at the address MADAPI, Franciszka Klimczaka 17/107 Street, 02-797 Warsaw, Poland, do not forget to inform us by e-mail so we can give you your unique discount code for your next purchase in our store.

Return the glass container after your candle burns out. In return, you will receive a -20% discount on your next purchase

We try to minimize waste, and every time we have the opportunity, we try to reuse our candles containers. Unfortunately, glass that returns to us is not always suitable for later use, and the cleaning, degreasing, and removing residual fragrance and wick-fixing glue is a demanding process, during which damage to the container can occur. Our goal is not to save money but to be responsible for our products and to take care of packaging circulation.

How to wash the glass after burning the candle?

Firstly, we always encourage you to reuse the containers yourself. If you already have an idea, below are tips on how to clean glass from wax.

  1. Remove gently remaining wax with a spoon, small knife, or wooden stick.
  2. Remove the wick mounting plate by gently undermining it with a knife or wooden stick. Be careful not to scratch the container.
  3. Place the candle glass in the sink or on a heat-resistant stand and pour hot water over the container. The wax residue will melt and float to the surface.
  4. After a few hours, collect the solidified wax. Wash the container with warm water, a sponge, and dishwashing liquid.
  5. The candle container is now ready for reuse!

We are always happy if you give a second life to our products, so if you want to share your idea, write to us on Instagram or at Don't forget to include a photo of how you used your candle container. We will post it on social media to inspire others to do the same!


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