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Candle burning tutorial

Burning a soy wax candle is a real ritual. To enjoy your candle longer and to ensure it burns evenly, see our guide on how to burn soy wax candles.

Natural soy wax is a very delicate material. If the candle is burned too short for the first time, a tunnel can form. Then, unfortunately, the next time you burn your candle, the wax will melt only to the place where it melted last time.


When you first light the soy wax candle, let the wax melt all the way to the outer edges of the container. Full melting of the upper layer guarantees even combustion (without the tunnel or tunnel) and maximum smell.


To avoid creating a "tunnel" in the candle, always let the top layer of wax melt completely - to the edge of the glass. Before each burning, the candle wick should be shortened to a height of approx. 0.5 cm.


When using natural soy wax candles, general safety precautions should be followed:

  • The candle should be placed on a flat, heat-resistant surface, away from flammable objects and drafts, preferably on a non-burning and heat-resistant stand
  • Do not handle the candle while the wax is in a liquid state
  • When burning several candles in one time, place them approximately 10 cm apart
  • The candle should be kept out of the reach of children and animals
  • A burning candle should not be left unattended
  • Always be careful when burning a candle to avoid burns


If a characteristic tunnel has already appeared in our candle, do not worry. You can save such a candle!

Be very careful when restoring your candle! Remember that glass and melted wax will be hot!

One of the simpler ways is to wrap the candle in aluminum foil and create a small lampshade over it. The wax will slowly heat up without flooding the wick. This method is effective when the candle has just started to burn unevenly.

The second way is to remove excess wax from the sides. By smoothing the surface of the wax, the flame of the candle will once again be sufficient to melt the entire surface of the candle.

Another way is to use a water bath. Put the candle in a bowl of hot water. Be careful to not let water into the candle. High temperature will heat up the wax and remove its excess from the glass. Be careful to not let excess wax flood the wick.

The final method is to add another "wick". As an additional wick, you can use a match that will strengthen the flame.

However, if you fail to remove the tunnel and there is wax left, it can be used in a wax warmer.


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