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How to apply cosmetics to increase their effectiveness?

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  1. Prepare your skin first
  2. Selection of active ingredients
  3. Serum
  4. Cream
  5. Sun protection

A healthy complexion is the goal of many of us. One of the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of cosmetics is their correct application. Improper application of products can reduce their effectiveness and it can even lead to skin irritation. Learn how to apply cosmetics to increase their effectiveness and get radiant and healthy skin.

Prepare your skin first

Each skincare ritual should start with preparing skin to receive valuable active ingredients, so the first step should always be thorough facial cleansing. It's important because it allows for the removal of impurities, dead skin, and excess sebum, which makes it easier for the skin to better absorb other cosmetics.

In the morning, reach for a delicate gel or emulsion that will cleanse and refresh the skin from dust and remnants of cosmetics applied before bedtime. In the evening, it is worth focusing on two-step cleansing, which removes makeup, impurities, and residues of previously applied cosmetics from your skin.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before applying cosmetics. It is also worth performing peelings regularly, thanks to which cosmetics will be better absorbed and work more effectively.

Is the use of a toner necessary?

The use of toners is not always necessary, but it is a step that shouldn't be skipped. After proper cleansing, the toner will help the skin return to its natural pH, which may have been disturbed during washing. Maintaining the correct pH level is extremely important because it supports the protective functions of the skin barrier and protects against the development of pathogens.

Please note that this is not the only function of the toner. The toner prepares the skin for further steps and may contain many valuable ingredients that will positively affect the condition of your skin.

Selection of active ingredients

Choosing the right active ingredients is not a simple task. Each skin is different, and its needs depend on many factors that can change over time. It is worth regularly observing your skin and paying attention to its reactions and changes. Knowing its needs at a given moment will help us take care of it effectively. To choose the right cosmetics, look for active ingredients in the products that have a proven effect on the specific problem you are currently struggling with. Another tip is knowing your skin type, it will help you choose the right cosmetics not only in terms of active ingredients but also in terms of the entire formulation - its consistency, absorption rate, and other features.

Once we know what products might work and our skin has been prepared, we can start applying cosmetics to use all their benefits. The basic rule is that after cleansing, apply the products according to the consistency - from light to thick.


The serum is a concentrated product with a fairly light and quickly absorbing consistency. Serum will provide the skin with a decent dose of active ingredients. When the toner is absorbed, apply a few drops and gently spread it over the face. You can enrich your ritual with a short massage that will help the absorption of the cosmetic, which will help increase its effectiveness.


There is no single correct technique for applying face creams. You must adjust the appropriate method to your needs and remember to always check the method of use provided by the manufacturer. So how to apply this cosmetic to increase its effectiveness? Depending on the consistency of the product, it is better to apply lighter creams to the face quickly, because they will be absorbed into the skin almost immediately, and the more substantial ones can be gently "warmed up" by rubbing them between the fingertips first. The effect of the cream can be supported by a gentle facial massage, which will improve microcirculation and at the same time will be a nice moment of relaxation. Thanks to this treatment, the skin will better absorb the active ingredients which will increase its effectiveness.

Sun protection

Regardless of the season, the skin should be protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Also, remember to use sunscreen on cloudy days. For the application of the cream with a filter to be effective, you should remember a few steps:

  1. apply it to the skin at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun,
  2. pply the right amount, because when the cream is not enough, it will not provide proper protection,
  3. remember about replication.

Appropriate application of cosmetics on the face can affect their effectiveness. Cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting are the key elements of any beauty ritual. Remember to choose cosmetics suitable for your skin type and use them by the manufacturer's instructions. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your skin will look healthy and beautiful for many years.


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