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Why does the cream pill? Check if you're making these mistakes.

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  1. Too much product
  2. Cream not suited for your skin type
  3. Improper combination of products
  4. Improper Application Technique
  5. Exfoliating Too Infrequently

Each of us desires our skin to be moisturized, firm, and healthy-looking. An essential part of skincare is the face cream. However, some individuals encounter a challenge - after applying the cream, instead of a pleasant application and perfect absorption, the product starts to pill on the skin. This can be due to various reasons that are worth knowing to avoid this undesirable effect. Proper cream application is the key to thorough and effective skincare. It's not just about aesthetics, but primarily about the health and comfort of our skin. In the following part of the article, we will examine why the cream pills and how to prevent it.

Too much product

One of the most common reasons face cream pills is the use of an excessive amount of the product. While it might seem that the more cream we apply, the better the result we'll achieve, the reality is quite the opposite. Excess cream on the skin means that it cannot absorb the entire product, resulting in it pilling on the skin's surface.

Why is the surplus an issue? Firstly, it's a waste of the product. Secondly, instead of benefiting from the full moisturizing and nourishing properties of the cream, we have to deal with the unsightly pilling effect. Moreove, excess product can clog pores, leading to skin imperfections such as blackheads or pimples.

So, how should one properly dose the product? The key is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, a small amount of cream, the size of a pea or a penny-sized coin, is sufficient to effectively moisturize the face. It's best to start with a small amount and gradually add more if you feel your skin requires it. Also, remember to spread the product evenly on the skin, which will aid in better absorption.

Cream not suited for your skin type

The second most common reason for cream pilling is its mismatch with the actual needs of the skin. A cream that works wonders for someone with dry skin might not produce the desired effects for someone with oily skin, and might even cause the product to pill on the skin. The base of the product could be too rich for the skin to absorb.

Improper combination of products

Modern skincare is based on a multi-step ritual where various cosmetics are applied in sequence. This combination of products can be one of the reasons for cream pilling on the skin.

Even though skincare products are designed for deep hydration and skin care, they can differ in composition and the base they are built on. Sometimes these bases are not compatible with each other.

Certain ingredients, though effective separately, might not work well together on the skin and in extreme cases, this can even lead to irritations or allergies.

With a multi-step skincare regimen, it might turn out that there are too many products in one routine. When applying a toner, serum, and then cream, it's important to consider the consistency of the products. Some serums have a thick and nourishing base which, for oily skin types, may already be sufficient, making the application of cream unnecessary.

Between each stage of our skincare routine, we should also wait after each step for the product to absorb into the skin before applying the next one. Applying products too quickly can cause the skin not to absorb all of them at once, resulting in the cream pilling.

Improper Application Technique

Applying facial cream might seem like a straightforward task, but in reality, it's a process that requires certain skill and technique. Even the best-chosen product may not function properly if not applied correctly to the skin.

How can technique influence cream pilling?

Improper application, such as rubbing too vigorously, can cause the product's ingredients not to be absorbed, leading the cream to pill on the skin's surface. Moreover, rubbing cream the wrong way can result in irritations, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Proper ways to apply cream:

  • Before applying the product, it's beneficial to warm it up slightly between your fingers. This helps in better distribution of the cream on the skin.
  • Instead of rubbing the cream into the skin, gently pat it in using your fingertips. This allows for deeper penetration of ingredients into the skin.
  • Apply the cream from the bottom of the face upwards and from the center of the face outwards to support the natural direction of the skin lines and improve its firmness.
  • The neck is often overlooked in skincare routines, but it's essential to remember to moisturize it too.

By keeping these steps in mind and paying proper attention to the cream application technique, we can avoid the pilling issue and ensure the best care for our skin.

Exfoliating Too Infrequently

Another common reason for facial cream pilling is the lack of regular skin exfoliation. Exfoliation is a vital skincare step that removes dead skin cells, ensuring better absorption of skincare products.

Why is exfoliation so important? Dead skin cells accumulating on the skin's surface create a barrier that can hinder the effective absorption of creams. When we apply cream to skin that isn't regularly exfoliated, there's a risk that the product remains on the surface, leading to the unwanted pilling effect.

There are various types of exfoliants, both mechanical and chemical. Choose those tailored to your skin type and its needs. Remember consistency and exfoliate once or twice a week. Avoid overly aggressive exfoliation, which can irritate the skin, and always moisturize post-exfoliation to assist in skin recovery.

Regular skin exfoliation is the key to its healthy appearance. It ensures creams and other skincare products absorb better, resulting in radiant, smooth skin.

If your facial cream is pilling, you might be making one of the above mistakes. To provide the right care for your skin, pay attention to the product quantity, the combination with other cosmetics, and the application technique. This way, you can enjoy smooth, moisturized skin without issues of cream pilling. If you're unsure which cream is right for you or experience pilling despite trying to change your skincare habits, consider consulting with an esthetician. The expert will help select products perfect for your skin type.

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