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Witch hazel extract in cosmetics: action and properties

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  1. What is witch hazel?
  2. Properties of witch hazel extract
  3. Cosmetics with witch hazel extract

Witch hazel is a species of shrub with extraordinary properties that are gaining increasing popularity in cosmetics. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, but it is the last few years that have brought a real breakthrough in understanding its benefits for the skin. Cosmetics with witch hazel extract are winning the hearts of consumers around the world, combining natural ingredients and effective action. Their secret lies in the unique composition of witch hazel, which contains compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, or phenolic compounds. These ingredients have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and astringent actions, making them indispensable in combating many skin problems. We invite you to discover the phenomenon of cosmetics with witch hazel extract.

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel, known as Hamamelis virginiana, is a small tree or shrub originating from North America. Long before it appeared on store shelves as a cosmetic ingredient, it was valued by native communities for its medicinal properties.

It grows in areas with a moderate climate, often in damp, shaded areas. It is a tree with a characteristic shape, distinguished by beautiful, late autumn flowers of a golden-yellow color.

It is from these flowers, leaves, and sometimes roots that witch hazel extract is obtained. The extraction process consists of several stages. Initially, the raw materials are dried and then subjected to a steam distillation process. It is during this process that oil is obtained from the raw material, which is then diluted with alcohol to obtain the extract.

Various active compounds, such as tannins, which have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, as well as flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which act as powerful antioxidants, are found in witch hazel extract.

Witch hazel extract is an ingredient that deserves attention. Not only because of its natural origin and the wealth of ingredients, but above all because of its unique properties that make it indispensable in skin care.

Properties of witch hazel extract

Witch hazel extract is extremely rich in components that positively affect the condition of the skin. The main groups of active compounds are tannins, and flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

Tannins, which are present in witch hazel extract, have strong astringent properties. By reducing the amount of sebum secreted, they help regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and the level of skin oiliness, thus reducing the risk of imperfections such as comedones or pimples. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which means that they can help alleviate skin irritations and inflammations, thus having a positive effect in conditions such as acne or eczema.

Flavonoids and phenolic compounds are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals responsible for skin cell damage and aging. Thanks to them, witch hazel extract can help fight wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and other signs of aging.

Witch hazel extract also has strong moisturizing properties, making it ideal for dry and dehydrated skin care. It helps maintain the skin's hydro-lipid balance, providing it with adequate hydration and protection against water loss.

The aforementioned properties make witch hazel extract an ingredient that works well in various types of cosmetics - from toners, through creams, to masks and serums. Regardless of the type of skin, everyone can benefit from including cosmetics with witch hazel extract in their daily care routine. This is particularly important for people struggling with skin problems such as acne, excessive sebum production, irritations, and also for those who want to delay signs of skin aging.

Cosmetics with witch hazel extract

Thanks to its versatile properties, witch hazel extract has found its application in many cosmetic products. From toners, through creams, serums, to face masks - we can find the effect of witch hazel in them.

A toner with witch hazel extract is one of the most popular products. This toner is perfect for daily care, especially for people struggling with excessive sebum production. Such a toner will have astringent, regulatory properties, and will also help in cleansing pores.

Creams and serums with the addition of witch hazel extract are an excellent choice for people looking for anti-aging products. Combined with other antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamin C or retinol, witch hazel extract can help delay the appearance of signs of aging. Our moisturizing serum with witch hazel extract is enriched with illuminating Kakadu plum extract, optimal moisture-restoring saccharide isomerate, and tension-improving marine exopolysaccharide. Thanks to the unique combination of these exceptional ingredients, our serum provides a wrinkle-reducing effect and adds glow to the skin.

Cosmetics with witch hazel extract are particularly recommended for people with oily and combination skin, which often accompanies problems such as excessive oiliness of the skin or acne. Thanks to its astringent properties and regulating sebum production, witch hazel cosmetics can help balance the skin and reduce its tendency to create imperfections. People with sensitive skin prone to irritation can also benefit from using cosmetics with witch hazel extract, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

Mature skin, accompanied by signs of aging such as wrinkles or loss of firmness, will surely appreciate the strong antioxidant action of witch hazel extract. Combined with other anti-aging ingredients, cosmetics with witch hazel extract can be an important part of the care routine for mature skin.

Cosmetics with witch hazel extract are a real treasure for every skin. Natural, effective and versatile - it deserves to become a constant element of our daily care ritual.


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